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A NEW TREK along the Wye valley to Symonds Yat Rock to see the Peregrine Falcons. More details later. This will be in addition to the Mallards Pike trek.

This trek is now fully operational and has been a stunning success, popular with all those who have so far tried it. From March we will be including lunch on board one of the Kingfisher River Cruisers as we take a 40 min. journey on the scenic river Wye with stunning views of this beautiful river admiring the wild life and canoeists as they paddle sometimes serenely down river. There is a small extra charge for the cruise of £5 but it sure is worth it. The cruising season lasts from March to September.

Once again Severnwye have come up with something new. We were the first to use camels and then mule and donkey carriages on our treks. Gosh I almost forgot our new arrival Bill and his luxury landau. As yet no photographs as it is still in it's infancy, but rest assured they won't be long. This season we will be running a photographic competition for the best picture capturing the iconic Wye valley on one of our treks. First prize will be a voucher for two ------ second prize will be a --------- no we won't go into that!!!!!!


Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher is the ideal way to surprise your loved one with a surprise day they will never forget, and dare we say it , an easy way out of what can be a tricky and time consuming task. How often have we scratched our heads in desperation, searching for that elusive present that you know will be unique? Well hopefully this is it. Cost is £45 per person for our exciting new Symonds Yat Rock Trek with a picnic lunch on board one of the Kingfisher River Cruisers

Incidentally remember we also have horse, mule, and donkey drawn carriages. Please contact us for further information and prices.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for you to give as a birthday treat or for other special occasions. Please contact us for more details or to arrange a gift voucher.

Ideal Xmas Presents for friends and family!


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