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So you want something different. The committee in its wisdom are divided. They demand something unique and exciting. Someone mentions an act they have seen at another show last year, but everyone else saw it as well. In fact it's not unique and certainly not exciting.

Look no further the Severnwye Llamas are available and may well be the answer to your dreams.

The Llamas arrive in their own large transporter and are completely self contained. All you have to provide is the necessary space. For the duration of the event they will be on show delighting your customers with their lovely temperaments.

We have several different main ring formats usually lasting about 30 minutes. The llamas are accompanied by an informative and humorous commentary with the focus on audience participation. The Llamas are extremely well trained and love the company of the children we invite to handle them.

We are not a circus act. We use patience, kindness and a sense of humour to train our gorgeous animals.

We can be flexible and are happy to fill in whenever required. You hire us for the day. Some shows incorporate a carnival procession. Why not have the Severnwye Llamas leading the fun?

Past experience has shown that gate receipts can show a marked increase if they are used in your pre show publicity. Newspapers, Radio and T.V. love them.

Severnwye Llamas are also available for special functions eg. Opening of shops, garden centres, sporting events, exhibitions and promotional work.

Ask us for a quote.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for you to give as a birthday treat or for other special occasions. Please contact us for more details or to arrange a gift voucher.

Ideal Xmas Presents for friends and family!


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